Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Talk it Out Tuesday: Blogger Identity

Who are you as a blogger? What are your goals for your blog? What type of relationship do you want with with your readers? Do you want to be more than just a blogger? Where do you stand as far as other bloggers blogging on the same topic?

These are questions that have honestly plagued me over the past few months. I struggle with finding my blogger identity. I even wonder if there is such thing or if it's some type of standard I've created in my head?
There are some things I know for sure... I will not change my blogging style, content, or anything about my blog that makes it what it is now. It is also clear to me that my blog is very different from many other bloggers.

I love the Central Florida Beauty Bloggers group I belong to, but I can't help but feel out of place at times. I know many of the bloggers there who are very successful, professional, passionate and have amazing long-term goals to really be that go-between person between the consumer and the beauty industry. They're amazing bloggers who I really see becoming successful figures in not only the blogging community,  but the beauty industry too. Heck, they're already successful in that!

That's not me though. That's not what I want. I know I have the respect from my readers. You all are amazingly supportive of me, and continue to inspire and motivate me to keep doing what I'm doing. I am thankful for that. I often feel while I connect with my readers, that I do not fit in with other bloggers. I do not feel that other bloggers really see me as serious or really understand me as a blogger.  It is 100% possible I do this to myself. Perhaps I alienate myself on purpose from other bloggers because I assume they don't think I'm worthy or good enough because I have a different style of blogging? I don't know, but I feel very outside of the blogger world.

I see myself as a casual blogger. I hate using the word casual sometimes, because I'm scared that maybe translated as lazy or uncommitted. I work very hard on my blog, and dedicate a lot of my time to it. It maybe casual as far as content, and how I relate to my readers, but I do take it seriously. My favorite thing about my blog is the freedom I feel to be myself. I see my ability to connect with people and relate to people on a level I never could imagine. I've said it before, but I could be blogging about caterpillars and it is all the same to me. It's just nail polish is how I found a way to connect with you all--a very beautiful, colorful, and sparkly way! I love nail polish, and honestly I can't see myself blogging about something else.

What are my goals? I have a hard time defining this, and it needs work. I really would like to continue to use this medium of nail polish and combine it with what moves me which is relating, sharing, and connecting with people. This blog in many cases is therapeutic for me. It's been a way for me to share my insecurities and struggles with you all, and in turn find peace and healing for myself. It has been a place where many of you have been able to find some strength and healing for yourselves. When I get comments, emails, and message from you all saying that my posts have helped you or made you feel better about yourself that means the world to me. That's my goal, as someone who has felt insecure and alone for a good portion of my life, to know that I helped someone feel a little more understood or appreciated is the biggest reward this blog has given me.

I'd like to merge the beauty world with empowerment, self esteem, and confidence for the average woman being myself an average woman. I know there are many authority figures or companies who do the same thing, but I'm an average Joe. I'm not sure what this will look like for my blog in the future. I'm not sure how to get it there either. That's up to me to figure out. What does that make me as a blogger? I don't know I know I'm different, but I also want to be. I chose to be. I still get tripped up on my identity as blogger, and I wonder if I'm respected or appreciated by other bloggers? I wonder if other bloggers get me, my mission, and my passion?

Just through writing this post I'm beginning to see that this idea of a blogger identity is just another form of self sabotage. It's another thing that probably myself, and other bloggers out there put upon ourselves that make us feel inferior and insecure. It keeps us stuck and  makes us question ourselves. Does this mean it won't bother me again? No, it will. It's real, and as strong as I am, I still get tripped up by the same things over and over. It honestly takes me writing and sharing these thoughts to be able to process it and start to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I am a different blogger. I may not fit in with other beauty bloggers as far as their goals for their blog. That's ok though, and honestly I'd never want to be anything else than who I am. It's conflicting wanting to feel a part of something, but wanting your independence too isn't it? I'll figure it out though. I always seem to manage.

Have you struggled with the idea of your "blogger identity" or if you're not a blogger have experienced similar identity struggles? 

Share your experiences in the comments. 

Happy Tuesday


  1. I think this is a problem for a lot of bloggers Steph! I think I have goals for my blog, but at times it seems like they will become unreachable and I think I need to remember that I started my blog as a creative outlet because my real life job doesn't allow much creativity. I think it's tough for everyone at times even if we don't all talk about it :)

    I sincerely love your blog and hope you don't change! You're awesome just the way you are!

  2. This is something I am struggling to figure out as well Steph. I started my blog in April and I am still finding my way and figuring out how to best represent "me". I think you did a great job in explaining what you want and are looking for when yo blog.

  3. This is something I've been thinking about recently. I still don't have the answer though, lol.

    I just want to say that I love your blog and your funny personality definitely comes through when I read your posts. It's a pleasure ;0).

  4. As a non-blogger and a blog reader, I appreciate the effort it goes into having a blog. I am just grateful that you are willing to do it and I can enjoy it. Thanks for what you do!

  5. I've only been blogging for a little while, but I think every blogger needs to address the question of why they are blogging. Like Stephanie Piper I also started my blog as a creative outlet and a way to express myself, but I'm still struggling to make my blog my own and find my own voice. I try not to get concerned with things like number of followers, or how many people "like" or "reblog" a post (I'm on Tumblr so it's a bit different), but I still find myself getting frustrated when a post doesn't seem popular or happy when people decide to follow me. I have a hard time trying not to let the numbers get to me and to focus on the connections that I make, which is more important to me.

  6. Rachel@FlashYourTipsNovember 27, 2012 at 4:13 PM

    As a new blogger, I mainly feel confused LOL! I started my blog to have a place to share my new nail polish obsession. My family was getting quite tired of discussing the new OPI line and glitter suppliers! Now, with six amazing followers, I feel like I am talking to myself most of the time. I think of things I want to blog about, then decide not to bother because no one will see it anyway. I need to decide if I am blogging for myself, or just wanting other people to listen to me babble. I guess I see it as my journal that I have invited others in to read...then it is frustrating when no one wants to read it!

  7. I totally understand you and in the beginning I questioned a lot of things about my blog and blogger identity. Then I just realized I will only be happiest doing what I love whether it fits in or not. It is my outlet and I love it!

    Love your blog as well. Keep doing what your doing!

  8. I think I struggle with my voice as a writer sometimes. When I first started, I didn't want to be too 'me', as I thought that was a bad thing! But then, if I leave so much of myself out, I can seem characterless and bland. I guess I just have to hope people get me. I'm much more able to be myself now. Do you mind if I answer the questions you asked at the top of the post on my blog (with credit and link, of course)? I think these are questions most bloggers would find useful. xx

  9. Go right ahead! I don't mind at all. I'm glad you are able to more yourself on your blog now.I think you should be "you" in your blog!!!

  10. Thank you so much. I think it's the saddest thing in the world not to write with your own voice, so I'm glad I got over that! Phew. :)

  11. One of my favorite things about your blog is that you are real! I love your casual blogging style, and would much rather real the posts of an "average" person than a blog that's all spit and polish (no pun intended!). I blog only as a personal record of what I've tried re: nail art, with the occasional post thrown in about my kids, stuff I wouldn't necessarily put in their scrapbooks. I won't say "don't change", because your blog will probably morph as you grow as a person, but I will say, "Do not allow anyone to pressure you to be something you're not!"

  12. i am a blogger (not nail polish) and i do struggle with my voice/identity. it's really hard not to compare yourself to other blogs sometimes. i also think that i am a more "casual" blogger or at least one who kind of does things on my own schedule based on what i fee like. i think there is a lot of pressure sometimes but i know i wouldn't have fun if i changed my blog to fit in. and if it's not fun, then there's really no point in it, at least for me.

    i like your blog as is and think you just need to stay true to yourself. :)


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