Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hare Oceans of Alloys

I was so psyched recently when I saw Hare release it's newest collections. I admit I did stalk Llarowe, and was reasonable and only picked up two Hare polishes. (Seriously you all I am embarrassed at the amount of indie polish I've purchased this month. I've some how rationalized in my head that buying 2-3 at a time every 5-7 days doesn't look as bad as buying 10 at one time.) Back on topic, this is one of the polishes I picked out.

Oceans of Alloys

Oceans of Alloys is a light teal jelly mixed with copper and gold hex and square glitters and a subtle blue shimmer.


You know those polishes you love when you buy them, and when you put them on you're not really sure what to say/think about them? They don't move you the way you thought they would? They're not speaking to you like you had imagined? I think this is the case here.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this polish. I was attracted to it when I purchased it. The color combination is my absolutely favorites. I love cool colors mixed with warm metallics, it is nail polish perfection. Personally, this just maybe a little too much glitter for me.



I love glitter, but I find the jelly base too cluttered with the glitter. This was a polish I was hoping to wear as a full mani, but for my personal tastes this is something I'd wear as an accent nail. This is just a little too much glitter for a full mani for me. I don't dislike it. Personally, I wish there was half the amount of glitter in there, so the base could shine too. I'm not going to get rid of it, and I will wear it, it's just not what I built it up to be. 

Like I said before, there is nothing wrong with this polish. My letdown with it is clearly based on aesthetics and my personal opinion. The formula was nice and it applied well. So, please don't let me my disappointment dissuade you from liking this or wanting if it appeals to you. I just have to be honest, and I'm sure many of you can relate to this type of a reaction with a polish. :) 

I got this polish on llarowe for $11.00. 

Happy Thursday!


  1. Don't hide! The same thing happened to me with Bisbee.... I think I may swap it. I stalked it for so long but had the same exact feelings when I put it on. Its gorgeous, but it is just not for me. Like this one, it looks beautiful on you but if its not for you, then it may not get worn. Just know the same thing happened to me too.

  2. :) I think it would be perfect as an accent nail.

  3. I am loooooving this polish!!! It is quite the glitter bomb, and you're not alone when you say that's not your favorite thing. It looks good on you!

  4. I totally know what you mean, Steph! One, yes, a couple a week is *completely* different from a whole bunch at once and shows your patience and restraint...right? :P
    Two, with Oceans of Alloys, it's on my WL too, but I keep hesitating to pull the trigger. The concept is full-on gorgeous, but it does look a little 'chunkier' than it seems like it should. I think it'd probably look FABULOUS layered over some matching undies, but the jelly base looks exactly thick enough that you can still see the shapes of all the glitter pieces in the bottom coat without letting the colour of them show through, and that ends up distracting from the gorgeous coat on the top.

  5. If I can chime in, the 3 polishes I got from the new HARE re-stock on Llarowe are all like this... I felt the same way when I first put them on, they were a bit grittier and chunkier with how much glitter was in them so I didn't love them as much as I wanted to. I agree with Elizabeth that I think part of the problem is that it's a lot of glitter in a more opaque base, so there is no depth to the polish from one layer to the next, just a LOT of glitter. They are totally gorgeous but just not what I expected!


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