Monday, November 19, 2012

Maybelline Color Show Sequins

When I first saw a press release of these I knew I instantly wanted them. I also knew, that since this collection was limited edition I'd probably never find it! My sweet dad actually found these for me at the grocery store Albertsons. I know people have spotted these at other grocery store chains, Rite Aid, and Walmart. I'm hoping these will be at other drugstores soon so you can find them!

I will start out by saying I had difficulty with the formula in these. I immediately added a few drops of thinner to ALL of them. In my review, I will be layering these over other polishes. I found while some of these could reach opacity on their own, if I used 2+ coats (which I think is what would be needed to get full coverage) the formula got really difficult to work with and looked really chunky and uneven on the nail. These preformed better using 1 to 2 coats layered over a base. Despite my difficulty, with the formula I'm a glitter junkie so I enjoy these. It's nice to see glitter bombs in drugstore format.

Gold's Night Out over ChG Midnight Kiss

Gold's Night is a mixture of micro gold glitter, small gold hex glitter, and medium gold hex glitters in a clear base.

This is a nice combination of different size glitters and holo glitter. The formula on this is chunky and thick.

Cocktail Dress over Cult Nails Nevermore

Cocktail Dress is a mixture of black and charcoal micro glitters with small red-orange hex glitters in a clear base.

This is a pretty glitter. I found this formula one of the easier ones to work with in comparison to the rest of the collection. I like the color combination. 

Lavender Sparks over Cult Nails Nevermore

Lavender Sparks is a mixture of micro lavender glitter, small lavender hex glitter, and medium holo lavender glitters in a clear base.

This is a chunky dunky yucky formula. Absolutely terrible. It was better with thinner, but I do not recommend using more than 2 coats as it gets really thick and chunky the more coats you use. Pretty color glitter though, and nice layered using less coats.

Ruby Rhinestones over Revlon Raven Red

Ruby Rhinestones is a sheer red base mixed with red micro glitter, black micro glitter, and medium red hex glitters.

The formula on this was OK. It wasn't the worst, but it wasn't the best. I like the combination of red and black.

Sea-Quins over Cult Nails Nevermore

Sea-Quins is a mixture of micro teal glitter, small teal hex glitters, and medium teal hex glitters in a clear base.

The most beautiful of the bunch in my opinion. The formula on this was also decent, and easier to work with than the others.

Silver Gleam over Zoya Trixie

Silver Gleam is a mixture of micro silver glitters, small sliver hex glitters, and medium silver holo glitters in a clear base. 

This was significantly less chunky than a Gold's Night Out. It was one of the easier formulas to work with.

Rose Bling over Cult Nails Nevermore

Rose Bling is a mixture of small rose hex glitters, medium rose hex glitters, and medium dark pinkhex glitters in a clear base.

This is another chunky dunky yucky mess. It is worse than Lavender Sparks. This is what nail polish application nightmares are made of. I wouldn't even attempt doing more than 2 coats of will have a bad time. The glitter color is pretty though, and is decent layered. 

Sapphire Masquerade over Cult Nails Nevermore

Sapphire Masquerade is a sheer blue base with micro blurple glitters, small blurple hex glitters, and medium fuschia hex glitters.

The formula on this was thick. It was decent after thinner. You maybe successful with this in 3 coats without a base if you add thinner to it. This one is very pretty. 

Final Thoughts: 
I'm sure you noticed I commented on the formula on every one of these. They are truly pretty awful. I honestly don't think you could use these with much success with out nail polish thinner. As much as I trash the formula, and I know that is a deal breaker for many of you, I can't help but like some of these glitters. I like the colors, and being a glitter junkie the extra effort is OK by me. That's the only case I'd recommend these in. If you love glitters or if any of these catch you eye, go for it, but keep in mind what I said about the formula. If these don't do much for you or you're on the fence I'd pass. If you had me choose favorites I'd go with Sea-Quins, Cocktail Dress, Sapphire Masquerade, and Lavender Sparks (simply because I have not seen lavender holo glitter before). 

Price wise I believe these are in the $3-$4 range. 

Happy Monday! 


  1. I have like four teal glitters. And now I need this one too. Curses!!

  2. Bummer. I really wanted these. I might pick up one and play with it.

  3. Those are some beautiful colors! I may just have to deal with that bad formulas.

  4. All so pretty, such a shame about the formula though...

  5. Beautiful swatches! But annoying about the formula...

  6. I really like the silver, gold and teal glitters :)

  7. Thanks for sharing these pretties, but I agree - we don't need bad formula's...

  8. The formula seems hit and miss, my cocktail dress was a disaster but rose bling was lovely. Some thinner thankfully got cocktail dress to a useable state!

  9. Thanks Steph for the wonderful swatches! the shades are really pretty, and I was hesitating to get one or two, but in my country these retail for nearly $10 each, so I won't get any, because I don't feel like struggling with the formula :(

  10. These are so pretty! I love your layering combos!

  11. How awesome of your dad! I wouldn't have guessed from your swatches that the formulas gave you so much trouble. Surprisingly for me, I think Lavender Sparks is my favourite of the bunch. I don't usually gravitate towards purples, but the colour and the holo really are stunning over black!

  12. Funny I loved the silver and gold the best, but I didn't see the lavender and rose! I adore these cute little glitters, I liked the formula, I like my glitter packed! Did you see my mani, how I used the silver to make diamonds?

  13. That sucks about the formula, though I still may give Sequins Masquerade a shot!

  14. Cocktail Dress is beautiful, it's a bummer on the formula!

  15. These look beautiful, but I don't think I'd want to put in that much effort. :-(

  16. I have yet to find these anywhere! Grrr....Walgreens is usually the one place I can find the new collections and check it often. But nothing yet, nor at walmart. *sigh*

  17. every colours is so beautiful!

  18. I love the red the most.

  19. Shame about the formula, but I'm glad to hear that with polish thinner, they're manageable. Sapphire Masquerade is the one that really speaks to me. Love that colour combination - reminds me of Superman in a way!


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