Sunday, September 16, 2012

Share With You Sunday: 9/9/12-9/15/12

L'shana Tova or Happy New Year to Jewish bloggers and readers out there. I hope you all have a great Rosh Hashanah and a sweet new year!

Posts I'm Loving:
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rebecca likes nails! shares with us her watercolor floral nails.
Frazzle and Aniploish shows us some recent nail polish displays.
Pretty Little Bottles shares with us her 80's Earrings nail art.
Beauty Broadcast shares with us her favorite Revlon lip products.

Posts You're Loving:
Nail Arts and Designs shows us her pink and black konad nail art.
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Make-up/Music/Money/Me shows us her football nails.
The Lacquered Lady reviews Essie No More Film.
Shades of Beauty, Inc. swatches some polishes from the Nanacoco Crystal HD collection.

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Reader Manis of the Week:

(click photo to enlarge for description)

Name: Nathalie Roy
Location: Canada
Manicure Description: This is a sponged gradient mani. I've used Sinful Colors in Happy Ending ( light green) and Revlon Matte Suede in Emerald City. I then sponged a bit of Blue Glitter from Barelements. Then I top-coated it with Essie Matte About You so to not blind anyone since it was so bright!
Favorite Polishes: OPI (all of them) and the Barelements polishes for which I've never paid more than 2.99$!

Name: Abinaya
Location: India
Manicure Description  This is quite an old design , but it's my favourite :) For this design, I painted all my nails white, then did semi circles in the different colours of the birds. I then did the detailing with a doting tool and a thin brush. For the pig, i mixed a darker green and yellow to get the required shade and did the same. Finally I finished it off with a nice top coat.
Favorite Polishes: I dont actually have any favourite brands, I mainly focus on the colours. I love any purple nailpolish!
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  1. Thanks for the holiday wishes! Shana tova to you to (if you celebrate as well)!

  2. Thanks for the linkage. :)

    That Angry Birds mani is too cute!

  3. Abinaya, your mani is really fun and cute. The birds and the pig are so well executed!


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