Thursday, March 15, 2012

LEX Cosmetics Cayman Cabana

I think it was back in September when I found a Groupon for LEX Cosmetics. It took me until February to place an order. It was so hard to make a decision on the colors I wanted! I love that LEX Cosmetics creates colors based on our ideas. Every few months they let us vote for our favorite from a group of submitted color ideas. The winning color becomes the next LEX polish. On top of that, every individual polish sale they make, $1 goes to the charity of choice from the person whose color idea the polish is made after.  In fact, blogger  Nails Beautiqued has a LEX polish called Peabow! This next polish is one of the pretties I picked up.

Cayman Cabana

Cayman Cabana is a sea-foam green creme.

This is such a pretty color. I typically steer clear from these shades because they do not tend to look good on me, but I love this one. The formula on this was superb. It applied like butter. I know lighter/pastel shades can have a thick and chalky-like formula, but this was the opposite. It was so easy to work with. I'm overall very impressed!

This particular polish was created by Lex the founder of LEX Cosmetics. LEX polishes are $10 each. If you buy this polish, $1 of your purchase goes to the World Wildlife Fund. Yes, their polishes are on the pricey side, but I really love LEX Cosmetics' positive purpose and message with their brand. Groupon or no Groupon LEX has found a customer in me! Plus, their polishes are great!

Happy Thursday!


  1. Wow this one is so gorgeous!

  2. This is my favourite kind of colour. I love this one! x

  3. This is gorgeous!!! It reminds me sort of Essie's Turquoise and Caicos, though. Any similarity to it?

  4. This is very pretty! I'm a sucker for seafoam greens like this, so I'll be adding this to my wishlist. ^_^

  5. Such a gorgeous shade!

  6. Such a pretty color! I love it :)


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