Friday, February 17, 2012

Pure Ice Siren

There are some good Walmarts and there are some downright terrible Walmarts. Unfortunately, the Walmart closest to me is one of the terrible ones. I swear the whole cosmetics department there looks it's been ransacked. It's trashed and their are makeup swatches all over the displays. It does not look like it's been properly restocked since 2007. This makes shopping Pure Ice polishes stinky. Thankfully, there is another Walmart a little farther away that is the completey antithesis of the other Walmart. They have a nicely stocked Pure Ice section. This is one of my first polishes I ever got a few years ago.  


Siren is a  fire engine red creme.

I think this color is pretty self-explanatory. I love this red, it's definitely more warm-toned than other red cremes. It's not glaringly bright or anything, but this shade of red definitely makes statement. The formula is great. The pigmentation is good. The best part is you're only paying $2 for it!

Happy Friday!


  1. I also have that same problem with our Local Walmart!...I'm luving Pure Ice...such beautiful colors and low low price makes them a Keeper!♥

  2. I wish there was a Wallmart in my country :P

    This is an absolutely gorgeous red! I've thought a few times I found the perfect one for me, but still not. This on seems just perfect! I really like it with our skin tone :)

  3. If you have Walgreens you might want to check and see if they started carrying Pure Ice. My local one did but I know they all order their own stuff. Maybe you could ask?

  4. Fire engine RED!! Your skintone and that polish are a perfect match.

  5. Ugg, I hear ya on Walmart! Thankfully the one by my house is pretty good.

    I LOVE a good red creme!  Something so classy and sexy about it!

  6. My Walmart is also absolutely terrible. All the polishes have been opened and used - basically the entire isle is painted with nail polish. That being said, this is certainly an eye catching red!


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