Saturday, February 4, 2012

Bottle Spam Saturday: Foils Edition

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 Zoya Tiffany, Gloria, MAC Bad Fairy, and OPI The Show Must Go On

Maybelline Red Aluminum, Butter London Wallis, WnW Shield, and OPI Warm & Fozzie

Milani Molten Rock, Zoya Crystal, Orly Lunar Eclipse, and Maybelline Purple Aluminum

WnW Lilac Metal, Orly Oui, Milani Dot Com, Sally Hansen Purple Gala, and Milani 2.0

Revlon Girly, OPI It's My Year, Revlon Fierce, Orly Space Cadet, and Zoya Valerie

Happy Saturday!


  1. Pretty! I want it too, haha. 

  2. Foils... ahhhhh. I'm obsessed with them. Definitely my favorite finish. I'm adding so many of these to my wishlist, haha! Great post. 

  3. Oooh I love OPI The Show Must Go On! So pretty. 

  4. Nice assortment! I sometimes have trouble deciding where the line is between foil and flecked shimmer.

  5. I love Oui and Space Cadet!  I didn't realize Girly was a foil.

  6. I just picked up Revlon Girly - not sure why - I think I have one really similar to it...and darn - I just put in a new Zoya order to use my spoon credit before it expired and I forgot to order a spoon of Gloria. OK - off to go start me always on going Zoya shopping cart!


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