Thursday, February 16, 2012

a-england Ascalon

Today, I have for you another pretty from a-england's The Legends collection. I decided I wanted to spread out the posts I have for these polishes because they deserve their own posts. They are just that beautiful! This polish combines two of my favorite elements in a polish...holographic and duochrome.


Ascalon is a medium gray scattered holo with a violet-magenta flash.

This is stunning and so unique. There are many times where companies tries to mix different finishes (i.e. shimmer and glitter, holo and shimmer, and etc), but they do not always produce nice results. This totally works. It is a perfect balance. The formula on this was great. I get excellent wear time with a-england. In fact, I think I get the best wear time out of them than with any other polish. I'd call this a must have for holo and duochrome fans out there! The photos truly speak for themselves.

You can purchase Ascalon from a-england's website or Overall Beauty.

Happy Thursday!


  1. Haha, I just posted Ascalon today too. Isn't it so amazing? its my favorite so far and your swatches really show the amazing holo it has!  All the shades in the Legends Collection and must have! :D

  2. Can't wait to get my hands on this one!! It's such a beauty!!! Great swatches Stephanie ;0)

  3. It does look a bit like Revvvolution from Color Club, right? Only this one has that violet-magenta flash. I love these kind of holo's!

  4. What a fab collection this has been! Agree with another commenter that this does look a little like Revvolution from CC with a tish of magenta flash and just over all better finish. Thanks for the link to Overall Beauty - I will see if it's in the US or not. I think this company as well as Barry M makes great polish. It lasts on me without chipping by the next AM after a polish change.

  5. Now this is one that I didn't get and you are making me want it! So gorgeous on you!

  6. So pretty! This whole collection is on my wishlist.


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