Saturday, August 6, 2011

Bottle Spam Saturday: Zoya Edition

I'm glad I waited a week for this bottle spam, because it's perfect timing. Zoya is currently having a promotion for people with accounts on their site for buy 1 get 2 free. Be sure to check out their blog for how to get your code. I picked up Mimi, Erika, and Dovima with this promotion.

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 Stephanie Danielle, Gigi, & Cassie

 Meadow, Happi, Tiffany, & Gloria

 Kiki, Gilda, Reva, & Astra

 Dita, Gwin, Rica, & Maura

 Tamsen, Nidhi, Milla, & Elke

 LC, Kimmy, & Sooki

 Ivanka, Envy, Akrya, & Kotori

 Cynthia, Crystal, Phoebe, & Zara

 Dannii, Audrina, Faye, & Keiko

 Roxy, Valerie, Neeka, & Julieanne

Savita, Caitlin, & Trixie

If you participated in the Zoya promotion, what colors did you get?

Happy Saturday!


  1. ahhh, so many pretties.  lThe colors look great , I haven't tried Zoya brand before

  2. I'm mad because I missed the promotion! Boo. They even posted all kinds of stuff on FB about it and I totally ignored it because I did not think it would be for such a great promo!!

  3. wow thats sa lot of nailpolish! gorgeous colors though.. i love the reds

  4. wow! Lot's of Zoya! I only have two and I love them! I plan to get more once I reach my goal... lol

  5. Ohhh, you have quite the Zoya collection! I'm going to get in on the special and I think I'm going to get one of the Smokes as the purchase item and then 2 more Smoke for the freebies.

  6. WOW such a glorious collection!
    omg they are all soooo gorgeous!
    which are your faves?

    <3 BB

  7. LOVE this bottle line up spam thing. Keep em coming! Oh, if I only had a bunch of blank spoons I could send them to you and get you to swatch them for me on the shades I want..but this does help give me a better idea of what to add to my ongoing list of spoons to order from Zoya. Love that program - though usually when I am ready to order and use mine - Zoya comes out with a little better short timed special like the get 2 bottles free right now. I saved $ over using my spoon credit that was in the shopping bag when I just changed it over yesterday. Now I have to place the order. It's always a big gulp when I get read to push the send and order $70 or $110...but I am soon going to have my Zoya wants list down to a lower level. I got a late start collecting them. But again don't stop doing these bottle line ups...LOVE 'em!

  8. Oh forgot to say what I am getting with my Zoya promo...It just took the last 2 shades I had put into my shopping bag that had the Mirrors collection and 8 the 2 that came out free were Torri & Zara. I still have mixed thoughts on Zara. I have to get my spoon out of it again.

  9. What a beautiful collection! I really hate how hard it is to get Zoya in Europe, I'm always so jealous of the good offers you guys get! 

  10. I actually have 2 account with Zoya, so I got Jem, Cynthia, and Marina from the new collections. I also got Ivanka, Charla, and Savita from my wish list of the older colors. 

    I still don't have a large Zoya collection, but I am working on it!

  11. I ordered Neeka, Yara, Valerie, Ki, Cynthia and a Big Flipper. I'm so excited!!

  12. Meg @ Kitschy SuburbiaAugust 7, 2011 at 5:14 PM

    I haven't yet...but I'm going to order a few from the Mirrors collection...I think.  LOL  Gorgeous colors you have there - funny how gold Faye shows up.

  13. For the Zoya promotion I ordered Sarah, Isla and Apple, I also added a few spoons and the big flipper of their remover.  Can't wait for them to come in the mail.


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