Saturday, July 2, 2011

Bottle Spam Saturday: Glitter Bombs Edition

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I know every blogger and every nail addict, as their own idea of different finishes of polishes. My idea of glass fleck maybe someone else's idea of a micro shimmer. My idea of micro shimmer maybe someone else's idea of a frost. I think you get what I'm saying? Sometimes it's difficult to decipher exactly what finish a polish is, and even though there are guides out there there can be many blurred lines.

That being said, my idea of glitter bomb is a polish that has compact glitter suspended in a clear base. This glitter polish can be built up to opacity in a reasonable amount of coats usually around 2-4. This is different than the jelly glitters and the glitters you'd use for layering. These are stinkers they hold on for dear life on your nails, and are a royal pain in the butt to remove, but we love them just the same.

Milani Red Sparkle, Gold Glitz, Blue Flash, Purple Gleam, & Silver Dazzle

China Glaze Nova, Medallion, OPI Mad as a Hatter, Zoya Astra, & Orly Bubbly Bombshell

Finger Paints Wicked Glitter, Milani Disco Lights, Sally Hansen Rockstar Pink, Love & Beauty Silver, Ulta And the Oscar Goes To..., Tinseltown, & Tweetworthy

Shockingly, I do not have many of these polishes. I actually thought I'd have a lot more. I do know why I don't though. I hardly wear these mainly because of the removal process. I know there is the foil method, but getting the foil and doing all the steps of that is still a pain. Patience is something I don't really have with nail polish. That is why I admire all the nail art folks out there!

Happy Saturday!


  1. I love these bottle-spam posts of yours. It's so much fun to drool over all the pretty polishes! :D
    - Mary

  2. I'm like you I love glitters but they're a pain in the a** to remove!
    ANd they"re hard to decorate too

  3. Gotsta love the glitters :)

  4. How amazing do they look though?  I don't mind the removal if I get to stare at something shiny and pretty all day! lol

  5. YAY!
    another fabulous bottle spam<33

  6. Courteney AnagnostarasJuly 2, 2011 at 4:46 PM

    glitterrrrrrrr <3

  7. Wow, great polishes!  I love any polishes with glitter. <3  New follower.  Hope you follow back.

  8. Glitter...drools....glitter...


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