Tuesday, October 11, 2016

ILNP Chleo

It seems like indies are starting to venture into the nude and neutral polish territory lately too. I was really excited when I saw ILNP was creating some fall neutrals as part of their fall collection. Indie really are not well known for colors like these, but I'm happy they're coming around to them because I have more options and better ones. We know indies tend to be more creative with colors than mainstream brands! I have the shade Chleo from the recent ILNP fall collection to share with you today.

Chleo is a soft blush pink jelly that features a gorgeously delicate holographic sparkle.

Collection: ILNP Fall Neutrals Collection Fall 2016

Color: This is one of those "your nails but better shades". I love the softness of this shade and how it just enhances the look of my natural nails. The holo sparkle on this is just right. It provides the right amount of glimmer while still maintaining a clean and soft look.

Formula: Excellent jelly formula. I used 3 coats above. It was easy to apply and smooth.

Price: This is $10.00 on the ILNP website.

Overall: Chleo is a gorgeous shade and it definitely is satisfying my nude/neutral polish obsession right now. It's a very flattering shade and gives you the perfect clean and chic look to your nails. The sparkle is just right and the formula is on point.

My Rating: 5 out of 5 *Golden* Paint Splatters
Happy Tuesday!

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