Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Northern Star, Blue-Eyed Girl, and Darling Diva Destination Trio (2 of 3)

* I received the following products in exchange for my honest review.

Well, this is more like a duo for today than a trio. Darling Diva's addition to this trio got delayed in the mail to me, so I don't have that polish yet. I wanted to post what I had since it's being released today! I will update this post with swatches and updated review when I receive it later on.

This is the May Destination Trio that is made up of polishes from Darling Diva, Northern Star, and Blue-Eyed Girl. This trio is inspired by Buckingham Fountain in Chicago. Read on for swatches and information on how you can purchase this trio!

Northern Star Make A Wish
Make A Wish is a stormy blue creme with turquoise micro flakes and a smattering of charcoal flecks. (2 coats)

Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer Moon Glow
Moon Glow is sunny yolky yellow packed with rose, blue, and purple microflakies. (3 coats)

Darling Diva Undomestic Diva
Undomestic Diva is a deep raspberry pink holo with silver holo mircroglitters.  It goes from deep and vampy to light and sparkly like the lights it took it inspiration from. The Polish took its name as a nod to Peggy from Married With Children since the fountain is featured in the opening scenes from every episode. (2 coats)

Collection: May Destination Trio 2016

Colors: I love the boldness and richness of these shades. It's a nice departure from the typical summer colors out there. I also love the fun finishes. It's nice to see indies dabbling in shimmers and flakie glitters. I really love Moon Glow. I'm not usually a yellow polish person, but this one is so unique and different from any other yellow I own.

Formula: These all had excellent formulas. Northern Star always has buttery and smooth formulas that apply beautifully. Moon Glow had a superb formula for a yellow. It was not streaky or uneven in the least. Darling Diva's Undomestic Diva was a thicker formula but was easily manageable.

Price: This trio is $30 shipped domestically or $30 with a prorated shipping rate internationally. It is available now in Darling Diva's, Northern Star's, and Blue-Eyed Girl's shops.

Overall: This is a unique and bold collection. I love the inspiration and how it's doing something different in the midst of a sea of summer neons. These polishes are thoughtfully made and beautiful.

Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer: Facebook | Instagram | Shop
Darling Diva: Facebook | Instagram | Shop
Northern Star: Facebook | Instagram | Shop

Happy Tuesday!

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