Friday, May 27, 2016

L.A. Colors Ever After

Another brand I've had my eye on lately in stores L.A. Colors, in particular, their Color Last line. I've only seen this line at Walmart and it has a good range of maybe around 15-20 colors. The cost of them is only $1.98 per polish so that's a steal. I saw this shimmery purple shade last time and decided to check it out.

Ever After
Ever After is a sheer lavender packed with golden-purple-pink shimmer.

Collection: L.A. Colors Color Last Core

Color: I love this soft purple shade, but it's that intense shimmer that sold it for me. I love shimmers that really light up within a polish. I also really love the softness of this shade. It's shimmery, but it's still delicate.

Formula: I wasn't sure when I bought this if would be sheer or not, but it a sheer polish. That being said, this built up to this opacity in 3 coats. You may need a 4th if you have longer nails. The formula on this was superb. I absolutely love the brushes in this polish as they really pack in the polish and apply so smoothly.

Price: $1.98 at Walmart.

Overall: I was expecting to be disappointed with the sheerness and softness of this shade, but I actually really love it. I really like the softer look, especially with the shimmer. The formula on this was amazing and I really love this line of polishes.

My Rating: 5 out of 5 Paint Splatters
Happy Friday!

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