Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Salon Perfect In Too Deep

I've been trying lately to take notice of nail polish in stores. I've been let down by mainstream lately, and drugstore polishes don't do much for me either. I just don't even bother looking these days, but the past few weeks I've been taking a second glance. I have noticed some new colors at Walmart and this one caught my eye from the Salon Perfect brand.

In Too Deep
 In Too Deep is a true primary blue jelly.

Collection: Salon Perfect Neon Pop

Color: This is part of their neon line, but this isn't neon to me. This your good ol' primary color blue. It's a true blue. It's even more saturated than my camera could pick up. I love this color and honestly don't think I have a blue as true as this color.

Formula: Oy vey, this was somewhat of a mess. The formula on this was very thin and loose. It applied unevenly and this was just a messy polish. I had to apply 3 coats for opacity and even then you can see it's just uneven.  It's somewhat expected in a color with pigmentation like this, but it could of been better.

Price: This was $3.99 at Walmart.

Overall: I don't hate this, I just wish it were better. It's not the worst polish by any means, I prefer a thinner formula over a thicker one. This formula was messy and I can definitely see it staining your skin if you get it on it. It was uneven and just not a joy to work with. I love the color though. This is just one of those polish where you cant have it all.

My Rating: 3.5 out of 5 Paint Splatters
Happy Wednesday!

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