Friday, May 15, 2015

KBShimmer Summer 2015 (9 of 28)

*The following products were provided to me in exchange for my honest review. 

It's KBShimmer Summer 2015 collection release day! This is a massive collection for summer. The entire collection includes 28 nail polishes. I have a handful of them to show you today! I will be breaking this post in 3 sections cremes, glitters/shimmers, and flakies so it's a little more organized review wise!


Bahama Drama
Bahama Drama is a near neon deep peach cream..

Rum Me The Right Way
Rum Me The Right Way is a shocking yellow cream and the perfect swap for nude.

Sarong Place, Sarong Time
Sarong Place, Sarong Time is a vibrant purple cream.

Colors: These are vibrant and pastel like neons. The colors clearly pop and make a statement. These are colors that vary from the traditional neon and stand out in their own right.

Formula: The formulas on these were really nice. I used 2 coats on Bahama Drama and Sarong Place, Sarong Time. These were both easy to apply and I didn't have any trouble. Rum Me The Right Way being a yellow did have some typical yellow nail polish qualities. I did need 3 coats on this and it did have some evening out issues, but it an overall good formula in comparison to other yellows.

Price: These 3 are $7.50 each.


Pink-a Colada 
Pink-a Colada is a cool-toned pink crelly polish with holographic glitters in lime green, light blue & pink.

Alloy Matey!
Alloy Matey! is a blingy silver packed with micro and fine silver holographic glitters.

We Be Jammin'
We Be Jammin' is a bright magenta with blue shimmer and micro holographic sparkle.

Colors: KBShimmer really nails it when it comes to glitters and shimmers. These are perfect for summer and offer something to fit all tastes. I say that every time with KBShimmer because that's the truth! The colors are spot on for summer.

Formula: Excellent formula on all of these. I used 3 coats on each and they all applied easily without any trouble.

Price: These are $8.75 each.


*I really do not have the camera or lighting to photograph flakies how'd I like, so these photos are done underneath a daylight lamp without flash. I wanted to be able to capture the color shift as best as possible!

Take The Punny And Run
Take The Punny And Run is a color shifting metallic flakie shade that travels from fuchsia to lime green with shades of gold and copper between, the most vibrant shifting of the flake polishes.

Green Weaver
Green Weaver is a metallic flakie that shifts from a rosy pink, to an apple green, this shifting shade also shows hints of purple at extreme angles.

Look On The Nightside
Look On The Nightside is a metallic flakie shifting shade goes from a rich green, to a violet purple, offers hints of royal blue.

Colors: Is there really much to say here? Really? Fan-freaking-tastic. These are are stunners. The color shifts in these are prominent. The colors are saturated and vibrant. I love wearing these because no matter the angle or the light you'll get something different. Incredible.

Formula: These are all 3 coat opaque formulas. Applying flakies does take a little bit more patience than regular polish. Since they are irregularly shaped and tend to like to stick together it is a bit more tedious. That being said, I did not find it troublesome to apply these overall.. I did find applying these over a base made this process a bit smoother, but it is not necessary. I did not use a base in these swatches. These do layer nicely as well.

Price: These are $10.75 each.


Overall: I'm blown away with this collection, I love the variety, quality, and fun this collection has. The stand outs here are the flakies for sure. These are absolutely beautiful and to be able to reach opacity in 3 coats is awesome! My favorites from the ones I have tried are Sarong Place, Sarong Time, We Be Jammin', and Green Weaver. I have a bit of an obsession with Green Weaver as it's the second week in a row I've worn it. The flakies I can say wear incredibly well. I've worn Green Weaver 6 days straight without a chip!

My Rating: 5 out of 5 *Golden* Paint Splatters

These were all released today! Check out the KBShimmer site to purchase!

Happy Friday!


  1. Pinka Colada, Alloy Matey and the cremes will be mine!! Love your swatches, just gorgeous! I'm going to save money (thankfully) because I'm not real interested in the flakies - phew!

  2. Man, they just never go wrong with their collections. So pretty!

  3. This collection is amazing! Love Bahama Mama as a summer coral, the flakies are amazing and I love We Be Jammin'!


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