Tuesday, May 19, 2015

HPB Presents: May Flowers aka My Fail Mani

It's time for another Hobby Polish Bloggers link-up post. This month's theme was May Flowers. Oh joy. This theme really stumped me. I don't do nail art. I don't own a stamper. I don't own nail art supplies. I don't have any nail polish with flower shaped glitter. The past themes I could do some layering or other non overly artsy technique and get away with it. This month's theme was tricky. May flowers is pretty literal.

My first thought was I can get some of those Sally Hansen Salon Nail Polish Strips and create a fun mani using that as an accent nail. I know they had ones with floral designs. I scoured drugstores, Walmart, and Target, and didn't find a single one with a floral design. I know they have them online, but I guess they're not in stores now. I had to resort to using some really shoddy nail stickers. I suck at nail stickers. This mani sucks. May Flowers wasn't my month, but I tried!

Here was my pitiful result.

Polishes Used: Black Cat Lacquer Demeter, Lumina Lacquer Soleil, and Kiss Nail Art stickers.

This is why I should never do nail art, stamping, water decals, or anything of the sort. I have absolutely zero patience to let things dry. I ain't got time for that. I thought my polish was dry when I applied the stickers, but nope. The stickers also never laid flat, so fail there too. This is just a big giant mani fail of the century for me. No more floral themes please! I do like my color scheme though.....

Check out the more beautiful manis from my HPB friends below. They did a spectacular job, unlike myself!


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Happy Tuesday!


  1. That blue you used is so pretty!

  2. I see no fail here, Steph! I think you're too hard on yourself. I love the skittle look of this manicure, and the blue is so cheerful and bright! :)

  3. Your manicure looks great! Even in the thumbnail pic. I like this.


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