Saturday, March 15, 2014

Glitt-A-Licia Guest Post: The Lemming

One polish person can understand the severity of this word. This one word will make normal women morph into cut throat savages. This one word is more powerful than desire, stronger than a craving, down right lustful!!!!

The Lemming

Real Life-
A lemming is a cute, small rodent that has a reputation of mindlessly migrating in large groups following their ingrained urge to find a new home. This urge is so strong that they commit mass suicide just to fulfill their desire for a new home.
(FYI-This a 100% complete misconception.)

Polish Life-
A lemming is that one or more unobtainable polish that has you so mesmerized that you will turn into a crazed fangirl who will press refresh 574378052269 times one minute till a restock. A lemming will make words come out of your mouth that would make a sailor blush. A lemming turns mild mannered Bruce Banner like me, into the Hulk. You loose all control!!

Rarely, you can actually score a lemming. Then you feel like you won a gold medal! You feel elation that can make you light headed! Keep in mind, those awesome mind blowing lemming scores are few and far between. Most know the feeling of defeat. Some get sad, some get mad, some get really mad! I mean furious!

I am one of the ones who obsess over a lemming and never seem to be quick enough to score the prize. I get excited, refresh like crazy, then usually wind up eating a pint of ice cream while cursing all the other lemming grabbers.

Ah, but the thrill and excitement of scoring a lemming will always bring me back. Bring me back to restocks, Black Friday, and the day after Christmas sales. I always return even if my heart gets trampled every single time. I will not give up, just like the real life lemming. I just will not give up.

My major Bigfoot lemmings at the moment are Takko Muse, and Takko Kiss the Sky, CbL True Colors, and RBL Black Russian.

The lemmings I am super proud of scoring are Lilypad Lacquer Original True Blood, RBL Aqua Lily, and Lilypad Lacquer Karmeleon.

My very first lemmings were Digital Nails Serenity and Enchanted Freeze Machine.

So, talk to me reader!!!! What are your lemmings?? Which lemming have you been most proud of scoring? Which lemming is harder to find than Bigfoot??

Sparkle On Reader,


  1. Hey Licia!! Keep trying you will get the big lemming!! Lol. Love your funny posts!! Keep them coming!! Tin snippet

  2. I am dying to score RBL Aqua Lily! I have tried million times to replicate the gorgeous shade. Worse yet, I missed all the blog reviews of the Gap polish that was a DUPE! By time.I read the reviews
    ALL stores within my area had been called and visit only to hear that they are no longer carrying nail polish!!!! UGH!!!!
    Congratulations on scoring a few from your wishlist!

  3. Did you see that New York Times piece (here: where the reporter said that nail collectors call themselves lemmings? I was very confused, I thought, I've never seen anybody say anything like that, have I got it wrong? So I'm glad to see your definition and see that no, it wasn't me!

    Anyway, the thing that I own that's on other people's lemming list is Dollish Walker Bait. I was tempted to try to sell it on eBay and see what happened, but I'm glad I didn't because I do really love it. In general, I don't have the budget to overpay for polishes so I try hard not to wish for things that are hard to get hold of. I guess if I was wishing, though, it'd be for RBL Cuprum, maybe. Some of those older polishes that were the ones that made RBL so famous!

  4. I was super duper excited to score RBL - Aqua Lily when it came back for a short time a year or two ago. I actually bought a bottle for myself and two extras! Backup... Or sell... Maybe! Haha!

    Another lemming I was excited to get was Nail Sauce - Space Junk, but sadly when I opened it up, I found out the batch I got was somewhat different from the original round and not quite as wonderful. :(

  5. My proudest lemming that I squashed was Takko Lacquer Kiss the Sky. The lemming that has broken my heart time and time again and I fear never will be is Ethereal Lacquer Obsidian. It is the first and only polish I have legitimately cried over. Sure, I was crazy hormonal and already halfway into my ice cream pint that night; but it still counts, right?

  6. Mine are the OMG Collection, minus FYI, which I found at my school.

  7. Ha! Love this post. :) My lemming was Emily De Molly Cosmic Forces, which I got to crush! Whoo! Then it was Dance Legend Sully- which I was so excited to get my hands on... when the bottle shattered on me. Luckily I was able to get it again though in a Llarowe restock! I absolutely want Ninja Polish Mystic Glacier & Glamorous... but don't know if I'll ever own them. :(


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