Sunday, November 10, 2013

Help! Who are your fave handmade indie brands?

It's getting near that time of year again. Imperfectly Painted every year does a best of year poll. This poll is posted on December 1st, and it asks you your favorites in nail polish this year. In order to start working in this year's poll I need your help!

One of the categories is favorite handmade indie brand of 2013. There are TONS of indie brands, so I  cannot list them all. What I can do is poll you first, and ask you who your top 2 are. I will then calculate those results, and the 5 indie brands who receive the most mentions will be the nominees in this category.

On the form below please list your choices. It does not matter which choice you put first or second. 

Quick Guidelines:
*You must only pick indies made by hand (This excludes brands like Cult Nails & Pretty Serious).
*You cannot mention the same brand twice.
*You have until November 17th to vote. 


  1. Steph, can these be UK indies? I know that they probably won't make it to the main list as there's faaaar more US ones but there's a couple of UK indies that are really doing brilliant things!

  2. Of course it can!


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