Saturday, November 9, 2013

Glitt-A-Licia Guest Post: Black Friday

Ahhhh...It's the time of year that I love. Soon that magical day will be here and people everywhere will have the holiday spirit! I look forward to this day every single year since I was a little girl. So let's get our game faces on and grab that $1 DVD out of a toddlers hand (his mom only brought him because he is little and can get through the crowds.) Let dignified ladies turn into UFC fighters over a cheap, never heard of that brand tv. Let's put fear over the workers pulling straws as to who will be opening the doors this year, because the dude who did it last year is still in a full body cast.

Yes my friends! Of course I was kidding in the paragraph above (do not, I repeat, DO NOT assault toddlers over a $1 DVD), but Black Friday is slowly approaching. Nothing can stop this force of nature from coming, not even time! They have already released some Black Friday ads as of Nov 1st.

I have gone every year to Black Friday back when it was actually fun and not scary. My aunt and cousin would spend the night at our house and we would stay up with the sales ads and plan our shopping strategy. We would laugh and play cards, then be up by 2am hitting the sales! We would have this planned so perfectly, it was like we were robbing a bank!

Oh the memories I have of Black Friday! When a particular store had the Cracker Jack sale, my little cousin wiggled through and got a whole box of Cracker Jacks! We hid on the side and opened every Cracker Jack packs only to find they were all 10% off, so we passed them out to other people who did not get a coupon.

One year, my mom's purse managed to get wrapped around some guy's neck in all the chaos! Both of them had no clue her purse was wrapped around his neck until they started going opposite directions and she nearly choked him. Lol! That was the same year my mom was going to buy me a table top fountain for my room and the people would not let her use the coupon because it had a plug! Lol!!!!

I have jumped on counters, grabbed items put of workers hands, and witnessed fights. I have stood in line for hours at the check out just to save $2. Oh, and being pregnant did not slow me down! Two years ago I was 5 months pregnant carrying a crib mattress all over the store just to get to the check out and get told it was not on sale. My hormones took over, and needless to say, I got my mattress ;) lol

Now, most of the fun of Black Friday has disappeared. The deals are posted weeks in advance. Who even needs to get the Thanksgiving Day paper for the sale ads when everything is on line? My aunt and cousin don't spend the night, and I have moved over an hour away.  Furthermore, Black Friday has gotten scary and dangerous. Heck, someone shot the glass out of one of our local stores!

Now, I shop Black Friday online in my jammies and pray the sites I shop do not crash. Nevertheless, my mani today is in honor of all the good memories of Black Friday. Polishes used in this mani Super Black Lacquer Murdered Out, Glitter Gal Turbulence, and Wicked Polish Black Friday from Llarowe's A Box Indied.
(I freaking love this WP!! It reminds me of Revlon Street Wear that I wore in high school!!)

Under my stove light with no flash
With flash
With flash and blurred
With flash and blurred
A close up of my index finger in the third pic

So there you go! Let's go shopping!!!!

Sparkle on Reader,


  1. Thank you so much! I must appologize to Rylee because the Glitter Gal takes over the mani in the pics, but you could see the bar glitter in person :)

  2. OMG girl, you're crazy! Hahaha! I've never gone shopping on Black Friday, it scares me! I think I'd freak out and want to scream in the middle of all those people haha! One time I went to Walmart on Christmas Eve and it was so crowded that I was so stressed out trying to just get around in the parking lot! I imagine Black Friday would be like that times 100!

    Gorgeous mani! :)

  3. very pretty polish!!
    my daughter wants to go black Friday shopping because she has never gone and wants me to go. I rather stay at home and shop in Jammies

  4. Gorgeous mani! Brave lady to have gone shopping while expecting! The crazy crowds around here scare me too much on a regular pay day to even attempt a Black Friday sale. One July, I had a lady walk up to the cart of items I had just paid for, reach in and take a Tonka toy I had just bought for my son and run off. A few minutes later, a cop came in and said that she had pointed me out to him and said I had stolen it from her and had assaulted her in the process and he handcuffed me, in front of my kids! Everyone around us started yelling that it was the other woman who had taken the toy and my husband, bless him, still had the receipt in his hand, was able to show it to the officer and he released me right away and thank goodness, his partner had the lady responsible for the whole thing in the lobby of the store. My husband used to work at the store many years prior to this happening and knew one of the managers pretty well. We decided, after talking it over for awhile, not to press charges against the lady since she really hadn't done any physical harm but the manager of the store did, for her causing some kind of harassment to their customers and had her banned from their store. Since then, I tend to shop only late at night, when I know it's not going to be very busy.

  5. All I can say is...nothing! I am totally speechless!!!! Wow, wow, WOW!!!!

  6. Yep! I love a good bargain, but when they pull out the guns, it's time to stay home in the jammies and curse at the computer for crashing! ;)

  7. Thank you!! :D

  8. It is a huge rush but the deals suck about 99% of the time ;D lol!!!!


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