Saturday, October 12, 2013

Glitt-A-Licia Guest Post: ManGlaze vs. MomGlaze

If you are a blogger, why do you blog? Why do you as a reader read blogs? Do you like to read about new products or do you prefer gazing at glorious pictures?

For me, I like blogging and reading blogs to give me a mental vacation of my daily life. Not saying my life is bad, it's just kinda boring. Let me rephrase that, my life has PLENTY going on, but it revolves around work and kids.

I work nights with 3 other FANTASTIC girls who keep almost every night the funniest soap opera too hot for tv...when we are not dead tired. But at home, I needed some way to express myself to adults, or I will just morph back into a zombie mom again.

So I decided I wanted to blog, and as a bonus, I would get FREE STUFF!!! Oh this would be sooooo easy!!!!!

Started off with Tumblr, which is easy breezy unless you want people to actually read your blog. Then I tried blogspot. Did you know you needed to know html and have official disclosure policies? Also, sometimes people steal your pictures or posts and use them as their own? :/
I did not know I had to know a foreign language to be a blogger or worry about people trying to steal my ideas? I find it hard that anyone would even read my posts much less try to steal them! And the free stuff? Not so easy when there are hundreds of bloggers trying to get products. I have been jumping up and down, waving my hands frantically, screaming "Pick me! Pick me!" along with the few hundred or even thousand bloggers out there.

And what is crazier than actually thinking I would get tons of free stuff is actually thinking I could blog while watching the kids. Hahahahaha!! Yeah right!!!
(Baby powder, but since they were being quiet, I was cool with it. The house smelled great!)
(I just want a nap...sigh)

Then I slowly realized, that the blog was not about free stuff, it was about self expression. I may not get tons of samples, but I hear over and over that I get TONS of laughs! Do you know how awesome that is for me? Each time someone tells me I made them laugh, I feel like I am a super hero!!! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It's Zombie Mom! I am here citizens! I will show you that you can run outside naked just to get the smelly diapers out of your house (I was on my way to the shower and both kids just had to poop! And they STANK!). I can also show you how to kill your husband with a single stink eye. My extra special power is  silencing your screaming child cheese puffs! (Trust me, it works)
Back to my point...I got carried away with my super powers. Many major bloggers and indie makers are so popular that they are swamped with fangirls. So I decided to reach out to the total opposite, and it worked!!

I read in another blog that Marc from ManGlaze is willing to chat with no name nobodies like me.  I know ManGlaze is not the first brand that comes to mind for being all warm and cuddly. ManGlaze admits their polish is not for everyone, and the names of some of their polish will not sit well with some. However  (I know he will kill me for this), Marc is really cool and a really, really NICE guy. He probably thought I was a stalker, but that did not stop me!

I ordered a few of their frankenjuggs, and sent him a pic of one of the frankens I mixed in their jugg. I called it "Polarizer" because it looks like cholesterol crystals under a polarizing microscope. He put it on his facebook page and the response was great!!
I still think of him as a go to polish guru. I highly suggest going to order a few juggs and start frankening!!! It is so relaxing and addictive! And while you are over there at ManGlaze, tell Marc the crazy cholesterol queen sent you his way!
Shine on Reader,


  1. I'm still dying over the fact that your angelic looking babies made that huge powder mess! Another great post! <3

  2. I had to change cause I peed my pants, Alicia! ROFL!

  3. He just got out of the tub and running around naked so I wont put a diaper on him. Once I finally caught him, I bent down to put the diaper on him, and smelled pee. Lexie peed all over my shirt :/ sigh! Such angels!

  4. Lol. I made a mess with baby powder once too as a little kid. My mom thought it was way too quiet upstairs and when she yelled up to ask me what I was doing, I told her I was "feeding the birds". That's when she came upstairs to find I had sprinkled baby powder from my room, down the hall, to the top of the stairs. I really was a good little kid though.. it's when I became a teenager that I was trouble. ;-)

  5. BEST COMPLIMENT EVER!!! And I just got peed on by my baby, High Five!

  6. I thought they were watching Curious George, but noticed they were a bit TOO quiet. From the kitchen, fireplace, dining room, and all over each other. Just yesterday, I spent 2 hours steam cleaning the carpet, and he just smushed a chocolate cupcake that my husband gave him, into my clean carpet...sigh...where's my wine ;)


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