Saturday, May 5, 2012

Bottle Spam Saturday: 5/5/12

Today, I have some polishes to show you that do not have a home in my Helmer. I store these in a separate plastic container. Don't worry, these polishes are loved too. These are not in my Helmer because I do not have enough polish from these brands to dedicate a drawer in my Helmer for them. These brands I usually only have around 1-10 polishes from. It's just easier for me to keep things organized with out these mixed in with my high number of China Glazes or Zoyas, so they have a different home.

Icing Rock Star from Mars, Bird of Paradise, Claire's Galaxy, and Glam

Savvy Garland, Magic Pumpkin, Rimmel Night Before, and Hard Edged

elf Royal Purple, Cranberry, Jordana Orangesicle, and Sequins

Pure Ice Purple Reign, French Kiss, Eva Supreme Mine, and Green Glitter.

Happy Saturday!


  1. I have a drawer in my Helmer just for miscellaneous polishes like these, but if I run out of room in the Helmer I might also decide to shoe box them :)

  2. Nice bottle spam :)
    just got myself Claires Galaxy too, really liking it. 


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