Saturday, May 21, 2011

Guest Post: Emily's Nail Files- "Best of British" Swatch-Fest

Hello everyone!
First of all, thank you to Steph who is letting some of her fellow polish addicts guest post on her blog while shes away – we hope you have a lovely holiday!
My name is Emily, of Emily’s Nail Files, and I’ve decided to show you a sort of ‘Best of British’ swatch-fest. I’ve done some swatches of my personal favourite British Brand polishes to hopefully give you an idea of what we can get over here in the UK, and what I usually work with when doing Nail Art.

Firstly, Topshop polishes – a recent discovery of mine. Although Topshop are more well known for their clothing, I find the formula of their polishes is fantastic, and the colour selection is interesting and different. This is Two coats of their periwinkle blue, Celestial:

Here is 3 coats of Peaches and Cream, a peachy orange cream, which dries a little darker than it appears in the bottle:

Next up is Models Own, these retail for the same price as the Topshop Polishes, and have just collaborated with super-fashionable London Nail Art Salon WAH Nails to create their “smash up” range, a really good range of crackle polishes that I find bettere is Model’s Own Pastel Pink:

This is a really lovely baby pink cream, and is opaque in 2 coats and not a bit streaky – love it! Here it is with the Silver Smash Up over the top:

This is a thin coat, with no topcoat. I would love to see how this compares to OPI Silver Shatter, as this Models Own is half the price over here.
Barry M is probably my all time favourite UK Polish brand, with really bright, unique colours (as well as a Chanel Paradoxal dupe!). They also do fantastic glitter polishes, and their black crackle is my favourite to use. Here is their Boots Limited Edition polish, the perfect purple in my opinion:

This is with Barry M Hologram Hexograms over the top, a holographic, chunky hex glitter which is amaaaazing when it catches the light! The formula for these polishes is perfect – if you ever get a chance to get hold of some Barry Ms, DO IT!! Here is their supe for Chanel’s Paradoxal:

Although available worldwide, Rimmel London have a range of Fruity Polishes which I loooove! Here is Apricot punch, a gorgeous red based coral, that smells exactly as the name suggests :D

My favourite ever beige nude, is Nails Inc London’s Caramel, which came free with a diet coke promotion – it applies beautifully, and is such a lovely warm shade of brown, exactly like caramel sauce :D Note the Cupcake stamping from the bundlemonster plates too!

I hope you enjoyed your whistle-stop tour through my favourite British Brands, thanks to Steph for hosting! If you want to see nail art (which is my blog’s speciality!) you can check out my little corner of the internet at

Take care, Emily! x


  1.  Very cute manis. Makes me want more International polish. :)

  2. aisleighn.corfieldMay 21, 2011 at 2:49 PM

     Yay british post! Haha I find it so difficult sometimes to get hold off all the american polishes so its good to have a shout out for the Uk! Barry M's are my fav too :) Iv got around 30 bottles of their colours now :P Whoop!

  3. Waheeey thanks for posting this steph! Glad I can represent the UK and give your readers an idea of what we can get over here :D just realised you can see my unpainted thumb on the first picture of celestial! whooops! have a great holiday my dear! x

  4. gorgeous! I follow her blog already! I'm so jealous of all the great brands the UK gets

  5.  beige nude is my favorite. It's looks really clean and fresh. But all the colors are great with that beautiful hand. I wish I have that kind of hand and the lovely nails ... I'm so jealous.


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