Thursday, February 23, 2017

Zoya Normani

You know I've been on a nude-neutral kick for the past several months. I think I'm going to say it's officially dissipating. I still love these colors, but I'm starting to branch out and want a more variety of colors now. I was wearing nudes probably 90% of the same since late summer. I was in it hardcore. Whilst in my hardcore nude-neutral kick I did manage to pick up some more colors from Zoya and I have one of those to share with you today. 

Normani is a sable mauve cream.

Collection: Zoya Naturel Collection 2014

Color: I used to want nothing to do with taupe-y colors like this one. I thought they all looked terrible me, but like any color, it's about finding the right tone. This one is flattering on me I think. It has more purple to it than brown which is why I think it works better. I also like that it's a medium shade so it's not too nude-y.

Formula: This had a nice and easy to use formula. I used 2 coats above.

Price: This is $10 on the Zoya website

Overall: This a solid great neutral color. It's pretty and flattering color. The formula was nice, and it's just all around nice. There isn't much more to say about it. 

My Rating: 5 out of 5 Paint Splatters
Happy Thursday! 

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