Thursday, January 26, 2017

Fresh Paint Splash of Cran

I stopped by Five Below recently and was once again sucked into some Fresh Paint polishes. I really enjoy this brand. I think they make excellent cremes and I really have enjoyed most all of the polishes I have purchased. I also love that they're 3 for $5 at Five Below. You can't beat that. I picked up this color during my recent visit.

Splash of Cran
Splash of a Cran is a cranberry creme.

Color: No, I know this color isn't original, but I think it's pretty awesome. I love this pinky/purple red creme. It's a classic and very put-together color. It's one of those shades that is flattering and looks great with anything. I love the creaminess of this shade. I know many reds can be more jelly-like than a creme, but this is definitely a creme!

Formula: This had a great and easy to use formula. I used 2 coats above.

Price: This was I believe $1.99 individually, but why pay for one when you can get 3 for $5 at Five Below.

Overall: This is an excellent classic type shade with a great price. I love this type of color and it had a great formula. I know this isn't unique enough for many, but I enjoy it! I think it's a great color for this time of year.

My Rating: 5 out of 5 Paint Splatters
Happy Thursday!

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