Sunday, February 14, 2016

Weekly Wax Wrap Up: 2/7/16-2/14/16

I had a fairly good wax week this week. I didn't get around to melting any indie/vendor wax, so it's all retail wax you can find in stores. I had quite a few pleasant surprises!
Better Homes & Gardens Serene Spa Resort
Scent Description: N/A
My Thoughts: This is a really nice blend of a cologne, sea salt, water, and clean scent. The cologne note in it is well balanced between the other notes and isn't overpowering. I really like this blend. It's refreshing, clean, and crisp. It's one of those scents I see as being universally flattering. I think it would appeal to many tastes. This has an excellent throw that lasted over 24 hours for me.
Where To Buy: Walmart

Mainstays Tahitian Sunset
Scent Description: Crushed orange peel, fruity paradise mango and sugared papaya gleam with the warm essence of ambered mango wood, salted sands, smooth cedar, earthy patchouli and Twilight musk
My Thoughts: This is wonderfully juicy scent balanced out with some rich woodsy notes. I really hate woodsy scents, but the blend of the fruit notes with the woodsy ones really creates a lovely combination. It's like a sophisticated tropical scent. There isn't any coconut to this either which is a major plus! This had a nice throw for several hours.
Where To Buy: Walmart

Mainstays Peach & Mango
Scent Description: Fruity notes of sweet mango and fresh papaya swirl with accents of juicy apricot and ripe guava fruit, wrapped in floral highlights of island jasmine and golden ylang ylang
My Thoughts: Remember last week's BHG White Peach Mango? This is what that should of been. This is exactly what I want in peach scent. This is fresh, natural, fruity, and refreshing. There isn't a hint of anything artificial,  musty, or noxious in this scent. It's a very pleasant scent. This had great throw for several hours. If you like peach scents please pick this one over the BHG one! 
Where To Buy: Walmart

Living Colors Coastal Breeze
Scent Description: N/A
My Thoughts: This is unlike any other ocean themed scent I own. It is really hard to describe because of that. I'd say this is a blend of a light clean laundry note, a grassy green note, a faint cologne note, and perhaps like a sandy/beachy note? All the notes are evenly balanced and it really is a unique scent. It definitely reads as an ocean scent, it just is different than what I'm used to from those types of scents. I do really like it though! This didn't have the greatest throw, but was average for a few hours.
Where To Buy: Big Lots

Happy Sunday!

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