Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Way-Cool Mani Wednesdays: Mo-heat-oes and Mambo

I'm going to declare it. Spring and summer are my favorite seasons for nail polish. I'm sure I'll say the exact opposite come September in October, but for right now I just love brights, pastels, and neons. I can't get enough. One of my favorite colors this time of year is mint. I love anything in that mint, soft green, and pale green family. This was a color I used to avoid at all costs thinking it looked bad on me, but I've been reformed.

Here is a fun mani I did recently.

Polishes Used: OPI Feel the Moe-heat-oes with Krafty Gurl Mambo in Miami

I really like this mani. It's hard for me not to think of the Golden Girls with these colors. I wouldn't be surprised if Blanche Devereaux had a blouse in these colors! The Golden Girls house alone was decked out in colors like this!

"Miami, Miami, you've got style!"

Happy Wednesday!


  1. That mint is pretty and paired well with the glitter accent nail.

  2. Eeeeeek! I'm so happy you referrenced Blanche and just the Golden Girls overall!

  3. M-I-A-Another M- I, M-I-A-M-I spells Miami Beach. Girls! Miami doesn't spell Miami beach it spells Miami! Haha sorry, my inner old lady just came out. Love The Golden Girls and this mani!

  4. Love it! Thank you! Any Golden Girl fan is a friend of mine.

  5. It would be a crime not to!


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