Monday, August 25, 2014

Zoya Rocha

I think we all have a nail polish color that just never seems to work for us. I always thought my only color was green. Thankfully, I've found some awesome greens on me. Recently, I realized that the color orange is definitely not my color. My first reaction when I put orange on and look at my nails is "ick!" 

However, like green, there is an occasional orange that I think suits me well. I found that with Zoya Rocha. 

Rocha is a bright red-toned orange with a very subtle shimmer.

Color: In all fairness, this is more of a red-orange than a straight up orange. That being said, I'll take it! The brightness and the added red really make this shade very flattering and wearable for more. This color isn't neon, but it really pops on your nails. 

Formula: Nice, 2 coat formula. What is weird is this has a very very faint shimmer in this. I could not pick this up on my nail at all, but the camera picks it up.

Price: This is $9 on the Zoya website

Overall: Gorgeous fresh orangey color! I love the vibrancy and how flattering it is. The formula is nice and I don't have any complaints!

My Rating: 5 out of 5 Paint Splatters
Happy Monday! 


  1. What a gorgeous color!

  2. Steph, yellow is my "Kryptonite" color: always makes my skin look just awful. "Rocha" does look nice on you! I guess it's all about those mysterious undertones in our skin and in polishes.

  3. This color looks perfect on you Steph!


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