Friday, May 16, 2014

KBShimmer Early Summer 2014 (6 of 12)

*I received the following products from KBShimmer in exchange for my honest review.

I have for you today some of the nail polishes from KBShimmer's Early Summer release. Yes, Early Summer release, which means there will be another collection coming out later this summer! You can never have enough of KBShimmer! This collection is a mix of a holos, cremes, and textured glitters. This collection will be available for purchase May 23rd.

PT Young Thing
PT Young Thing is a platinum linear silver holo. (2 coats)

In Bare Form
In Bare Form is a near nude holo. (3 coats)

She Twerks Out
She Twerks Out w/ top coat
She Twerks Out is a textured bold aqua polish, featuring teal, lime, and violet holographic glitters. (2 coats)

Too Pop To Handle
Too Pop To Handle w/ top coat
Too Pop To Handle is a purple-toned fuchsia color, with violet, magenta and aqua holographic glitters. (2 coats)

Low and Be Bold
Low and Be Bold is a bright near ultramarine blue polish. (3 coats)

Right as Reign
Right as Reign is a deep indigo purple polish. (3 coats)

Colors: Excellent color selection here. I love the neutral holos. The textured glitters are great bright summery shades. The cremes are both bold, vibrant, and saturated.

Formula: The formula on all of these was great all around. I did not have any applications issues with any of these. KBShimmer really knows how to make top notch formulas, and these will impress you.

Price: The holos and textured glitters will be $8.75 per bottle. The cremes will be $7.50 per bottle. These will avaliable to purchase on the KBShimmer website on May 23rd.

Overall: I'm impressed as always with these new KBShimmer releases. The color selection is great and the formula is on point. I always have high expectations for KBShimmer, and I have not been disappointed yet. My favorites from this group are Right as Reign, PT Young Thing, and She Twerks Out. If you'd like to see all of the Early Summer 2014 releases head over to Peachy Polish!

My Rating: 5 out of 5 Paint Splatters
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Happy Friday!


  1. These are some pretty colors so far in the collection. I like the variety of finishes here too especially the first two holographics.

  2. Those textures though...

  3. I was SHOCKED. I didn't need to alter them at all. My camera is really good at picking up blues, but oranges...nope!

  4. Oh my! I totally see a few of these in my future! Especially PT Young Thing, In Bare Form, and Low And Be Bold. So gorgeous!

  5. Man, I feel like I'm constantly seeing people rave over KBShimmer polishes. Those first two holo polishes... omg. Giving me LIFE! I really need to try this brand lol.

  6. I absolutely love ALL of these and I'm so sad that I'm in the process of moving and have absolutely no money to spend on extra things. It is such an amazing collection and her polishes are amazing.


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