Monday, December 30, 2013

Top 25 of 2013: Part 5

On to Part 5! Check out Part 1Part 2Part 3, and Part 4 if you missed it.

*This is not in ranking order!
Silly Bee's Chickadees Steph's Toy Chest- The Gift of Melly
Steph's Toy Chest is a is a magical glistening topcoat with loads of gold shimmer, red, evergreen, lavender and light green "ornaments". Review

L.A. Girl Teal Dimension- 3D Effects
Teal Dimension is a rich teal with scattered holographic glitter. Review

KBShimmer Toast-ess With The Mostest- Winter 2013
 Toast-ess With The Mostest is a clear base with gold, silver, and pink glitters in various sizes and shapes. Review

Maybelline Amethyst Couture- Brocades
 Amethyst Couture is a deep eggplant glass fleck with purple hex glitters. Review 

Zoya Chyna- PixieDusts
Chyna is a ruby red textured glitter. Review

Wee! We're done!

The final tally in no particular order...
Milani Tainted Red
JulieG Bubble Bath
KBShimmer Iris My Case
NYC Tudor City Teal
Zoya Pepper
L'Oreal Jolly Lolly
Pahlish Fever and Mirrors
KBShimmer Teal Another Tail
Cult Nails Lamestain
KBShimmer Snow Much Fun
Hard Candy So So Sequin
KBShimmer Spring Training
Essie Hors d'Ooeurves
Maybelline Crushed Crimson
L'Oreal Miss Pixie
Cult Nails Center of Attention
Maybelline Emerald Elegance
Essie On A Silver Platter
Zoya Maria-Luisa
KBShimmer Sand in my Stocking
LA Girl Teal Dimension
Zoya Chyna
KBShimmer Toast-ess with the Mostest
Maybelline Amethyst Couture
Silly Bee's Chickadees Steph's Toy Chest

 What do you think? Did we have any favorites in common this year?

Happy Monday!


  1. Great top 25 polishes for the year! These are some great choices :)

  2. Now I've experienced how awesome Zoya Pixie Dusts are, I surely want to grab Chyna!

  3. Great picks! I especially love Toast-ess With The Mostest and your polish, Steph's Toy Chest.

  4. Amethyst Couture is so gorgeous!


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